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*These are policies that pay the policyholder directly.


Legal Expense & Identity Theft coverage

Access to a lawyer 24/7. Covers Identity theft, divorce, IRS audit, legal advice, legal contract review,will  preparations, power of attorney, trusts, refinancing, lease contracts, child custody, adoption, foreclosures, traffic violations, accidents, & etc.

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Our Mission

For Business Owners:

Business owners are getting a tremendous tax savings by allowing their employees to participate in group rates. Employers with 5-15 employees can expect to save at least $2,295-$6,885 & employers with 20-50 employees can expect tax savings of between $9,180-$22,950. Larger # of employees = larger tax savings ! We help reduce worker's compensation claims by offering plans that cover employee's injuries both on & off the job. Also, some carriers offer free perks such as a HR platform to manage both core & voluntary benefits.

For Employees & Individuals:

There are many plans offered that will offset & supplement the ridiculously high deductibles & other medical expenses you may have. Get lump sums for accidents, stress/mental health, short term disability, cancer, critical illnesses such as strokes, heart attacks, etc., hospital/doctor visits, & gun-shot wounds. We understand that  health issues sometimes hinder being able to provide. We give you the peace of mind in times of pain & grief. The thought of whether your family is taken care of or your treatment and medicine get paid for should never cross your mind.